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St Joseph Council #3814 of the Knights of Columbus was founded in 1954. Our council hosts many activities throughout the year for the church, youth, family and our community. St. Joseph Council supports St. Joseph Parish in Oradell and Ascension Church in New Milford Our Council is located on 199 River Road, next to the Ambulance Corps, in New Milford, NJ.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

So what's new?

Some new features to check out while at our new site:

Vatican Channel: There is a direct link on top of this webpage to one of our favorite channels on youtube, the Vatican Channel. You will find updated video streams of what is happening at the Holy See.

Daily Readings: This is your one stop place to receive the daily reading at work place, home or whenever you go online.

Saint of the Day: Who's feast day is it today? Find out and more at the bottom of the page.

Catholic Quiz: How much of our history do you know? Brush up on your catechism or find out how much you know about our Roman Catholic religion.

Prayer Intentions: We have a link on the right under our pages section for prayer intentions. You can send us your prayer intentions or give us updates on past members and will share and pray over them at our next member meeting. We will post your intentions on the site and keep any confidentiality if you specify. All news and prayer intentions can be sent to our main email address in the box column on the right of the page.

Photo Album: Our new photo album is hosted by www.fotki.com at
http://public.fotki.com/kofc3814 We will post our newest album as a direct feed on the right column of the site.

Upcoming Features:

Knight Korner: This will be a monthly post of a featured member in the council. This is a great way to meet members of the order and family faces in your community.

Wow of the Week: This is geared towards a website, article or something that catches the eye of the council each week. This will give our viewers an idea of what we support, find entertaining and support as knights of the catholic faith.

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